The Dangel Family

This family of six was such a treat to photograph on the beach here in Oceanside! I grew up with three siblings and I don’t think we were ever as sweet to each other as these four kiddos were. ;) Mom and Dad are awesome neighbors and I was so excited to create a collection of portraits for them. Here are some of my favorites!

Dangel Family 2013-010

Dangel Family 2013-018

Dangel Family 2013-023

Dangel Family 2013-030

Dangel Family 2013-045

Dangel Family 2013-047

Dangel Family 2013-069

Dangel Family 2013-062

Dangel Family 2013-073

Dangel Family 2013-077

Dangel Family 2013-081

Dangel Family 2013-088

Dangel Family 2013-090

Dangel Family 2013-091

Dangel Family 2013-108


The G Family – Four Generations

Remember seeing this family on the blog last December? I got an email from mom, Natalie, while I was in Texas for my grandfather’s funeral, asking to do another photo session this year. I LOVE photographing clients year after year, so I was obviously excited when she reached out to me. I was even more excited when I read the email and found out that she wanted to do the session when her extended family was going to be in town one weekend, so the session would document four generations all at once. Having just lost my grandfather and wishing I had done a similar session before he passed, there was no way I could miss the opportunity to photograph her with her loved ones.

To be completely honest, I was a little teary on the way to the session. I was also pretty nervous. Not because they weren’t welcoming and so sweet to work with, but because I knew how important these moments together are for this amazing family, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to capture them as they’d want to be captured.

Though little D was uninterested in having his photo taken, Natalie’s fun necklace and some chomping sounds aided in getting his attention, and we captured some fabulous moments with the entire family. Here are some of my favorites.

Gaston Family 2013-002

Gaston Family 2013-010

Gaston Family 2013-015

Gaston Family 2013-018

Gaston Family 2013-024

Gaston Family 2013-030

Gaston Family 2013-034

Gaston Family 2013-049

Gaston Family 2013-065

Gaston Family 2013-080

Gaston Family 2013-058

Thank you, Natalie, for inviting me to capture your family while they were all in town! It was so great to see you again and meet your family!


Baby Bryson

Little Bryson was only 7 days old when we met up for his first photography session. Perfectly precious, this newborn wanted to play during our session, and it was great to see him move and stretch while photographing him. He was so strong already–he was pushing himself up while laying on his stomach! He’s going to be a muscle man for sure!

Baby Bryson-009

Baby Bryson-018

Baby Bryson-016

Baby Bryson-027

Baby Bryson-034

Baby Bryson-030

Baby Bryson-035

Baby Bryson-043

Baby Bryson-051

Baby Bryson-053

Baby Bryson-063

Congratulations to Jaime and Nam on the birth of their handsome son!


Bethany & Doug – Oceanside Harbor Family Session

Photographing a family that included both a cat and a dog was mildly challenging but oh so fun!! Bethany asked if we could meet up at one of my favorite places, Oceanside Harbor, for a quick family session a couple weeks ago. Of course I obliged, especially since I was able to use the session as an excuse to do a pre-session visit to the harbor and pick up a delicious breakfast at Beach Break at the Harbor while I was there. Not that I really needed an excuse to do that… ;)

Here are a handful of favorites from our action-packed session!

Bethany & Doug-005

Bethany & Doug-007

Bethany & Doug-009

Bethany & Doug-024

Bethany & Doug-025

Bethany & Doug-023

Bethany & Doug-027

Bethany & Doug-030

Bethany & Doug-033

Bethany & Doug-037


Baby V – Carlsbad Newborn Session

Baby V is one of the most precious babies I’ve met, and we got along especially well since I am also a May child. Little V was born a couple weeks ago, and I met up with Meghann and Kurt when she was just 5 days old, while her grandma was in town. Here are a handful of favorites from our session together.

Baby Victoria-003

Baby Victoria-008

Baby Victoria-009

Baby Victoria-015

Baby Victoria-018

Baby Victoria-023

Baby Victoria-020

Baby Victoria-029

Baby Victoria-030

Baby Victoria-037

Baby Victoria-054

Congratulations to Meghann and Kurt on the birth of their beautiful daughter! Thank you for inviting me to your home to photograph your gorgeous newborn!