Diabetes Blog Week 2015 – Day 6 – Favorites and Motivations


Welcome back to Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week 2015! Here’s the prompt for Day 6, Favorites and Motivations – Saturday 5/16:

If you have been blogging for a while, what is your favorite sentence or blogpost that you have ever written? Is it diabetes related or just life related? If you are a new blogger and don’t have a favorite yet, tell us what motivated you to start sharing your story by writing a blog?

I don’t think I have a favorite blog post! I post too many gorgeous sessions and weddings to be able to pick one favorite. Most of my posts are not diabetes-related so I share my story typically just for Diabetes Blog Week (DBW). I’m motivated to share my diabetes life during DBW since it’s a side of me that most people don’t see or hear about, even though I’m always willing to answer any questions that people have. :)


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