Diabetes Blog Week 2015 – Day 4 – Changes


Welcome back to Day 4 of Diabetes Blog Week 2015! Here’s the prompt for Day 4, Changes – Thursday 5/14:

Today let’s talk about changes, in one of two ways. Either tell us what you’d most like to see change about diabetes, in any way. This can be management tools, devices, medications, people’s perceptions, your own feelings – anything at all that you feel could use changing. OR reflect back on some changes you or your loved one has seen or been through since being diagnosed with diabetes. Were they expected or did they surprise you?

The most significant changes I’ve experienced since I was diagnosed in terms of diabetes technology were the switch from multiple daily injections (shots) to an insulin pump, and then the addition of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to help manage my bloodsugars. I switched to an insulin pump in about 2000 or 2001 and added the CGM in the fall of 2007. Switching to an insulin pump gave me more freedom as to when and what I would eat, since I was able to give myself more insulin any time I wanted. The CGM was a total game changer in that I was able to see what my bloodsugars were doing, minute by minute, meaning I could see the effect that food and insulin each had on my bloodsugar. My A1c dropped drastically just by adding that device.

Currently, my A1c is a little higher than I’d like, so I’m working on making the change to a lower A1c. Obviously, I would love a cure for diabetes in the future, but I’m just going to keep truckin’ until we get there. :)


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Good to know that your A1C dropped with the use of CGM. I am a type 2 but heard lots of people elated once they start using a pump.