Heather & Earl – Keys Creek Lavender Farm Wedding

Congratulations again to Heather and Earl, whose intimate wedding at Keys Creek Lavender Farm in Valley Center was simply stunning.

Heather and Earl were perfectly relaxed that afternoon as they said their vows in the presence of Earl’s daughters and their closest friends. The bride and groom wrote their ceremony and their vows, incorporating their newly formed family into the readings and via a delicate sand pouring ceremony.

The lavender fields were in bloom, matched in beauty only by the love shared between these two.

Heather & Earl-015

Heather & Earl-013

Heather & Earl-022

Heather & Earl-027

Heather & Earl-039

Heather & Earl-060  Heather & Earl-077

Heather & Earl-071

Heather & Earl-080

Heather & Earl-094

Heather & Earl-104

Heather & Earl-108

Heather & Earl-117

Heather & Earl-121

Heather & Earl-143

Heather & Earl-161

Heather & Earl-170

Heather & Earl-191

Heather & Earl-034

Heather & Earl-199

Heather & Earl-215

Heather & Earl-223

For the next few photos, check out Heather’s description of the story behind the duck beaks! :)

“When I first met the girls, M showed us a You Tube Video called “The Duck Song” – we were all in the car laughing and giggling. For the next three days we went around asking people at theme parks, restaurants and really, wherever we were, if they had any grapes. It has since stuck and we still do this and play the video randomly while out and about LOL. While the girls were here with us in San Diego, I played it underwater on my phone while Doc was soaking. I HAD to incorporate this into our wedding photos. I absolutely love these. Here’s a link to “The Duck Song:” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtN1YnoL46Q

Heather & Earl-240

Heather & Earl-246

Heather & Earl-252

Heather & Earl-237

Heather & Earl-235

Heather & Earl-236

Heather & Earl-322

Heather & Earl-276

Heather & Earl-280

Heather & Earl-290

Heather & Earl-306

Heather & Earl-299

Heather & Earl-313

Stay tuned for another post to showcase some of the photos taken on film on this amazing day! :) Thank you, Heather and Earl, for allowing me to become a part of your family!



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Still love these after all these years. Hope you’re well.