Seeing Oceanside in a New Way

I set up a shoot with the Pacific Photographic Society to photograph the sunset at the Oceanside Pier a while back. It was originally scheduled for a few weeks ago, but we had to cancel last-minute because of poor weather. We rescheduled it for this weekend, and had a wonderful sunset that produced gorgeous photos!

I had just (that day!) picked up a Lensbaby Composer, so I decided it was a great time to test it out! I first shot the group photo with a wide angle lens, but then kept the Lensbaby on for the remainder of the evening. It was pretty fun! It will definitely take a little getting used to, but I was really happy with the results on my first try! What do you think?

The following shots were all taken using the f/11 aperture ring, but I varied the white balance settings and shutter speed to get some different effects. The first one was shot at 1/80s, the second at 1/20s, and the last one at 1.6s. Now I gotta get a neutral density filter to allow an even longer shutter speed! :)

I think the last one was my favorite!


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