Blue October – Baltimore, MD

As I mentioned in my last post, I was up in Baltimore on Sunday (23 August) to see Blue October perform at RamsHead Live near the Inner Harbor. Here are my 3 favorite photos from the evening.

This first one is courtesy of my iPhone and a really cool app called ShakeItPhoto. Seriously, if you have an iPhone, check out that app! It’s really fun! This is from the encore when lead singer Justin Furstenfeld was singing “It’s Just Me” off Foiled.

This second one has lead singer Justin Furstenfeld in the foreground and guitarist CB Hudson rocking out in the back. I love the movement captured in this shot.

Lastly, here’s another of Justin and his guitar.

Blue October Video

I drove up to Baltimore last night to see Blue October perform at RamsHead Live. It was a great show (they never disappoint) and the set list was uh-maze-ing!

Here‘s a video I recorded of them playing “Italian Radio,” probably my favorite song of theirs. I loved it when Justin stroked his guitar at the “meet my fine new lady” line (at approx 0:46).

(If the link doesn’t work, try going here:

I was able to take my little Nikon in there with me, so hang tight for a few photos!

For now, here’s a shot of lead singer Justin Furstenfeld (and former bassist Piper Skih) performing at the Parish at the House of Blues in New Orleans, October 2003.

Market Mornings

I hit up two markets this weekend. The first was Alexandria’s Farmers’ Market at the market square in Old Town on Saturday. I got up super early and was there between 7 and 8 am! There was tons of great produce there, and I went home with some great fruit.

I really like how the flag seems to “pop” in this one:

And of course I stopped by a baker’s booth too! This octopus was delicious!

This morning, I went into DC to check out Eastern Market. It has been in operation since 1873 and recently re-opened after a major renovation. The outdoor weekend farmers market featured produce as well as various craft items. These young women were checking out some jewelry made from recycled aluminum.

Inside are permanent merchants including meat and fish counters, a bakery, produce, flowers, a cafe, and everything in between! This little guy was really enjoying his salami!

Across the street, a flea market is also open on the weekends. There were tons of varied treasures to be found! This gentleman was selling fabulous mirrors of all sizes.

Weekend Update

I spent this weekend playing around with my shutter speed and how it affects the resulting image.

My friend Rachel suggested that I slow the shutter and take a picture of a clock, so it would physically show the passing of time. I don’t own a clock right now, so I used my watch instead (4 seconds).

Yesterday afternoon, I headed out to Gravelly Point Park (or this or this) to practice some stop-action-pan photos. It was great because I captured an airplane (1/15 sec):

a boat (1/15 sec):

a bicyclist (1/15 sec):

and a runner too (1/30 sec):

Afterward, I headed to Target to get a memory card reader, because the one built-in to my laptop recently decided it didn’t want to work anymore. On the way out, I perused the newly-added grocery section and (of course) drifted down the wine aisle. (Sidenote: this Target now sells cold beer too!) I was instantly drawn to the handful of varieties of Middle Sister Wine, especially the “Smarty Pants” Chardonnay. The labels are super cute, and each variety has a different drawing of the “middle sister.” I can’t wait to try them!

Oronoco Bay Park

I was back at Oronoco Bay Park (the site of Alexandria’s Birthday Party) over the weekend and snapped these two shots near the water’s edge. I’m loving the shallow depth of field I’m able to achieve with my new lens!