In the MMF Technical Council

The Technical Council of the Ministry of the Navy heard a report from the Director of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Medical Physics, T. Strumpe, on the long-term plan of the main directions in the field of integrated mechanization and automation of production processes in maritime transport for 1959-1965. The speaker reported on the work done by the institute team together with the design bureau, shipping companies, ports and ship repair workers in developing promising plans for the widespread introduction of integrated mechanization and automation tools.

With the co-reports on the sections "Corpus and General Ship Part", "Navigation and Communication", "Diesel and Gas Turbine Installations", "Steam-powered Installations", "Ship Electrical Engineering", "Loading and Dredging Works", "Ship Repair and Arctic" were made by the heads of departments , the leaders of the leading groups of the Central Research Institute of Medical Physics and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

Those present at the Technical Council meeting took an active part in the discussion of the reports. The captain-tutor of the Murmansk Shipping Company, Comrade Khlebnikov, who spoke in the debate, pointed out the urgent need to introduce progressive new technology and the relevant organization of strict control over the implementation of the plan. The representative of Soyuzmorproekt, Mr. Priezzhev, drew the attention of the Technical Council to including in the plan the development of automatic instruments that survey engineers need. Ing. Eliseev announced the intention of the Black Sea Shipping Company in the near future to equip part of the vessels with the latest models of automation and, on the basis of careful study, select the most suitable ones. The representative of the management of orders and supervision of the construction of the fleet t. The first drew attention to the need for thorough technical and economic study, so that the mechanization and automation of production processes are not turned into an end in themselves.

In the debate were TT. Korkhov (TsPKB-4), Eldman (Krasnovodsk port), Shapirovsky (MMF), etc.

In its decision, the Technical Council approved the developed plan for the comprehensive mechanization and automation of production processes for the Ministry of the Navy for 1959-1965. At the same time, the meeting participants made a number of proposals aimed at further enhancing the work of maritime transport. In particular, it is recommended to include in the plan the development of remote automatic control equipment for the receiving and transmitting radio stations from the radio bureau, a 5–15 kw medium-wave radio transmitter with remote control from the radio bureau, the automatic cargo counting system (dry cargo and oil products), auxiliary mechanisms of diesel-electric installations from the bridge, a complex of equipment for continuous measurement and recording of the main parameters in, characterizing the operation of the installation, the power meter of rowing electrical installations of direct current.

Under the section “Handling and ship repair”, it was proposed to envisage the following topics: mechanization of dismantling and unloading roundwood from rafts-cigars, centralization and automation of management of the reloading mechanisms of the grain area of ​​the Krasnovodsk port, development of a complex of equipment for the mechanization of handling operations with bulk cargo in roadsteads, automation of thin-sheet structures in ship repair, electrical cleaning of ship hulls, mechanization of fuel and other grinding processes aratury, insulation work, preparation of surfaces for painting areas of the vessel and cleaning and washing dismantled parts.

The Technical Council proposed to separate into separate sections the activities carried out by organizations of the Ministry of the Navy and industry economic councils and other ministries. The Technical Department together with Glavport, Glavsudkhoz and the department of educational institutions were instructed to develop organizational and technical measures to provide the production base for the manufacture of prototypes and head samples of new machines, instruments and devices for the mechanization and automation of production processes in maritime transport.

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