Pillows for pregnant women - Guide To Choose Best Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy - the waiting time of the child. During this period, attention and care are important for the future mother. Any pleasant change has a positive effect on the general condition. One of them is a pillow for pregnant women.
During pregnancy, the body undergoes changes that ensure the proper development of the child.

Here are the main ones

  • Hormonal jumps. Lead to a change of mood, the load on the nervous system.
  • Load on the cardiovascular system. An additional circle of blood circulation is added. 500 ml of blood passes through the placenta every minute.
  • Changes in the food system: the pregnant woman's taste changes, possibly omission, shift of the stomach and intestines, heartburn.
  • Increases the load on the bladder, the kidneys are functioning with increased load, because you have to work twice, on the mother and fetus.
  • Mobility of joints increases, there is a small expansion of the pubic bones.
  • Breast grows: fatty tissue grows, the number of slices increases.
  • There are sleep disorders associated with feelings, fears, fear of change.

During pregnancy, immunity weakens. Not surprisingly, a pregnant woman needs attention. To make it easier to carry the pregnancy, you need to rest. Therefore, an important aspect is sleep. During pregnancy, sleep - torment. Hard to get comfortable. Especially those who used to sleep on his stomach. After all, already at an early period it is not recommended to do this, because sleep in this position causes pressure on the fetus.
During pregnancy, they try to sleep on their backs, but this does not suit everyone. This situation causes back pain, high blood pressure. Doctors recommend sleeping on the left side. But not everyone likes. Yes, and hard to sleep constantly in the same position.

Why do you need a pillow for pregnant women

Already in the first trimester of pregnancy, pillows for pregnant women are used for sleep. They have different forms and are able to solve problems associated with sleep.

Using pillows will help:

  • 1. Relieve tension from the legs, back.

  • 2. Support the tummy (its weight will not be felt).

  • 3. Take a comfortable position and relax.

  • 4. Immerse yourself in sound sleep.

Due to its shape, large size, the maternity pillow is ideal for keeping the body in a comfortable position. With its help, the mother can have a good rest, the physiological processes will take place calmly, without causing discomfort.
Best pregnancy pillow is a real help for expectant mothers. The model is better to choose at the beginning of pregnancy. After all, this is a special period, memorable for a lifetime, and one should worry about comfort, peace of mind in advance.

How to choose

Special pillows for pregnant women vary in filling, size, shape, quality of the fabric used, cost. The choice is wide.
If you do not know how to choose a pillow for pregnant women, then follow the simple rules. It should not be too hard or soft. It is better to choose something in between. The pillow should be supple, adjust to the curves of the body.


It is important that the filler is safe. Commonly used:

  • 1. Holofiber . Contains spiral fibers of polyester, which are made according to modern technologies. The fibers form a strong springy structure. Well passes air, hypoallergenic , rather elastic, will serve for a long time. The material is resistant even to repeated deformations. Unlike "natural competitors", it does not go astray, does not form clods. He is not afraid of repeated washing. Used in the manufacture of bedding, clothing, furniture.
  • 2. Styrofoam . These are balls with a diameter of 1 mm, which are 98% air. Interferes with emergence of various microorganisms, including a mold, ticks. Well adapts to the contours of the body, moderately hard. Safe, hypoallergenic , does not absorb any odors. Resistant to aging, which means it will last a long time.
  • 3. MemoryFoam . Viscoelastic material with shape memory, anatomical effect. Hypoallergenic , moderately elastic, does not allow microorganisms to develop. At the same time well passes air. The material can not be washed in a typewriter, dry cleaning is desirable. More rigid in comparison with others.
  • 4. Artificial swan's down ( tinsuleyt ). Consists of the finest villi twisted into a spiral, treated with silicone. It has medium stiffness, feels reminiscent of holofiber . It keeps its shape well. Hypoallergenic , elastic. Lightweight, breathable.

Most often holofiber is used as a filler . It is easy to maintain, is considered one of the best materials for bedding, great for pregnant women.
In such pillows is desirable to have a cover. This makes it possible to wash the contents. Also allows you to add or, conversely, remove some of the filler. Pillow fabric must be natural (cotton, satin, teak), have a zipper. This will help easily, quickly get the content. By the way, if you wish, some add healing herbs inside. But first, it is better to consult a doctor.
It is better to purchase a pillow case on a pillow for a pregnant woman from natural fabrics. This will allow the product to "breathe", and provide high wear resistance. The ideal fabric for pillowcases - cotton, satin. Even after a large number of washes, it will look normal. The pillowcase should have a hidden zipper. This is the safest type of maternity pillow closure.
It should be remembered that the body during pregnancy becomes susceptible, it is better not to risk, to acquire only high-quality products from safe materials. The pillow for pregnant women from poor-quality materials does not hold a form, can emit unpleasant and sometimes harmful odors. The main aspects when choosing should be quality and safety.


The most comfortable, often used forms of pillows for pregnant women:

  • U-shaped (in the shape of the letter P, Horseshoe).
  • Banana.
  • In the form of a letter G.
  • G shaped.

U-shaped pillow for pregnant women - universal. In demand from moms. Flexible structure allows you to get comfortable and even if you want to slightly change the shape of the pillow.
Also, there are models A, I. In addition to the shape of the product, they differ in size. Models J, I, G have smaller dimensions and are perfect for small beds.
A large selection of not only shapes but also sizes will allow you to make the right choice.

How to use a pillow for pregnant women

How to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women depends on the model. U-shaped pillow for pregnant women, as mentioned earlier, the most popular. Due to its shape, it simultaneously supports the back, abdomen. When turning in a dream, you do not need to shift it. He surrounds him from both sides with hugs. If you need a pillow for pregnant women, but do not know which one is better, get a popular model.
Model Boomerang suitable for those who like to sleep on the side, on the back and stomach. With it, you will accept any position.

1) The pillow for pregnant Bagel (Banana) is suitable for sleeping and relaxing during the day. Almost completely envelops the body. With the help of Bagel, you can comfortably rest your head, support your back, stomach
2) The “G” pillow is similar to a bagel and no less comfortable. Suitable for night, day rest. Relieves tension, fatigue in the back. You can put it under your stomach, clasp your legs.
3) Form "C" is compact, so it is a great option for smaller beds. It is also convenient to take a visit, a trip.
4) Form "G" has a rounded portion for the head. Takes up little space but is comfortable for relaxing.
5) Pillow I - the most compact. But it is the small size that makes it possible to use it always and everywhere.

How to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women

But which form is more convenient - you decide. It all depends on personal preferences and desires. However, thanks to various shapes and sizes, there are many ways to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women:

  • Lying on the side, one end to wrap legs, lean back, the second under the head. The main part - behind the back. Increases blood flow to the fetus, relieves stress from the back, reduces swelling.
  • Place a scapula under the neck. It will help relax your back, relieve pain. This is the physiologically correct position of the spine.
  • Put under your feet. Relaxes legs, reduces puffiness, removes heaviness.
  • If you put it under your lower back, your back will not go numb while sitting. Suitable while watching TV, eating, reading a book.

The pillow is used at home, taken on the nature, on a visit. With its help, you can comfortably sit on the car seat on long journeys. During departure on the nature, a summer residence, the pillow will give the chance to get comfortable in the fresh air.

For mom and baby

Any of the models used after childbirth. Pillows are useful when breastfeeding. Mom and baby are in a comfortable position. This allows you to relax your arms, your back, change the angle of attachment to the chest, empty its different lobes. It will also help to prevent the occurrence of lactostasis .

There are several options for use:

  • The widest part is placed on the knees, in front of the tummy. The baby is on the barrel and in contact with his tummy with his mother's. The mouth is opposite mother's breast.
  • The wide part is laid on the side, put the baby on it. Feeding takes place in the “out of hand” position. It helps to remove stagnation in the armpits.
    There are also other ways to use pillows for pregnant women:
  • Helps form a nest. It will be a great barrier if the baby tosses in his sleep. This will allow you to sleep quietly next to him.