Ann & Kevin

Hello everyone!

Meet Ann and Kevin.

Ann, Kevin, and I all went to grad school together. I remember when Ann and Kevin first started dating, so it was super exciting to hear of their recent engagement! Of course I jumped at the chance to photograph these two lovebirds in Balboa Park one Saturday. The place was packed that afternoon, but that didn’t stop us from getting some really great shots! Here are some of my favorites.

Congratulations again to Ann and Kevin! I look forward to working with you on your wedding day later this year. :)

Rachel & Craige

I met up with Rachel and Craige early last Saturday to walk around Old Town Alexandria and take some engagement photos. They got engaged in May, but I kept leaving the weekends when Craige was in town (unintentionally!) so we were finally able to meet up to get some shots! We were out for a couple hours and headed inside after we couldn’t stand the humidity any longer. Here are some of my favorites.

I loved Rachel’s dress! She got several compliments from passersby while we were walking around. The color looks amazing against the ivy.

I spotted this bench a few days before the shoot and knew we had to head back to get a photo with it.

I love this yellow brick wall! Plus, check out Rachel’s awesome shoes. We each ordered a pair earlier this summer, and they are super cute and amazingly comfortable!

They are so sweet together!

I think this shot was my favorite from the day.

Rachel spotted this knot in a wooden fence and thought it would be cute to shoot her ring in it.

Congrats again, you two! <3

Karmia & Jonathan

I met Karmia when she found her wedding gown at the Brides Against Breast Cancer event last month. I snapped a photo of her in her gown, emailed it to her, and had been bothering her since about photographing some engagement shots with her fiance, Jonathan.

She agreed to the shoot, but we had a little difficulty finding a date that would work for everyone. We were finally able to meet up near the Tidal Basin last night, but the weather almost had us cancel! I’m so glad that Karmia and Jonathan were willing to get a little wet–we got some fabulous shots in the end! Here are some of my favorites. :)

Her ring is gorgeous!

Here’s an umbrella shot.

I looked down at my camera for a second, and, when I looked up, Karmia had been swept off her feet!

We were able to get some shots at the Jefferson Memorial without anyone bothering us!

I think this one’s my favorite. You can tell how happy they are together!

Thank you both for a fun shoot! Congratulations on your engagement and best wishes for your wedding next year!

Ruth & Justin

I met Ruth at a Blue October show earlier this year and, when I found out she was engaged, jumped on the chance to take some shots of her and her handsome fiance, Justin. They were a blast to hang out with, and Justin turned out to be the best DC guide I’ve ever had!

We met up at the Jefferson Memorial and got in a handful of shots before being questioned by the park police. (He told me, “The government doesn’t want you taking photos here.” Oh really?) Then we trotted off around the Tidal Basin to the nearby areas. Here are four of my favorite shots from the evening.

Ruth and Justin treated me to a delicious dinner in Chinatown after the shoot. Maybe next time we’ll be brave and try the jelly fish on the menu! Thanks again, you two! :)

Kile & James, Part 2

Earlier today, I headed out with Kile and James for a fun portrait session near the Marilyn Monroe mural here in DC. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate.

We tried to shoot between downpours…

…but the rain didn’t stay off for long!
We’ll have to reschedule!